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    1. First we build and optimize a mobile responsive website.

    2. Next we get it ranked on Bing / Google for one keyword

    3. Then you can either purchase the site or rent it

    4. After this you decide if you want MORE keywords


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    We care about awesome features and results that get the job done.

    Prescott Bing SEO

    Local Ranking Services

    Optimize your digital marketing resources to rank at the top of Google’s organic listings. We specialize in page one results from Bing, Google, and Yahoo search results. It's important you hire someone who understands the value of all of these search engines. Prescott SEO can dramatically improve your ROI.

    Prescott Lead Generation

    Online Lead Generation

    Increase the number of visitors to your website and convert them into paying customers. Depending upon your business type or niche you may find more success with Adwords and PPC campaigns. This strategy can help you get leads right away from people who need your services today.

    Prescott Facebook Marketing

    Facebook Ads

    Facebook Ad campaigns can be quite successful for chiropractors, dentists, gym owners, restaurant owners, and other specific local businesses. We create successful ads and laser target them to your optimal clientele. Then we run your Facebook pixel to keep you always in front of them.

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    Prescott Web Design and SEO Services


    Fast Mobile Friendly Websites

    We have a passion for web design and lead generation...

    Prescott Web Design and SEO Services

    Best Niches for Results

    Chiropractors, Dentists, Electricians, Handymen, Home Builders, HVAC, Gym Owners, Locksmiths, Mortgage Lenders, Painting Contractors, Restaurants, Roofers, Tow Companies, Local Small Businesses.

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    Here at Strike Force SEO we are passionate about what we do...

    SEO and Marketing Strategies

    Why Choose Strike Force and Prescott SEO ?

    Did you know that over half of the businesses I talk to have a story of paying someone money and getting zero return? The good news is that I offer a guaranteed service. I will build a site for your niche and rank it for one main keyword before you pay a cent. Once this is done you are able to verify the rankings and buy the site from me.


    After this point you can select a few options to get more keywords ranked or to just maintain the websites authority as-is. These options far out way the risk of spending thousands and waiting to see results or paying the high cost per click that may be charged over the lifetime of your business to Google Adwords. If you have the right mindset and take the right steps that I'll show you how to start small with me and grow your business more and more over time.


    You see, it’s in my best interest to help my clients grow and to expand. These are the qualities look for in a new client; ability to grow, desire to grow, and trust to build a business relationship.

    Prescott AZ SEO Services

    SEO is our Passion...

    After years of training and testing with the best internet marketing professionals on the planet, we’ve developed a marketing program that has skyrocketed our sales and delivered amazing results.

    We can do the same for you.


    Hiring an SEO Company is likely the most essential investment decision you will ever make.


    As a provider of Local SEO, we know the importance of hiring a digital marketing company you can trust and the importance of doing things properly the first time.



    Getting Discovered on the Internet

    Search Engine Optimization

    Our Agency offers innumerable benefits. The strategies we use are geared towards creating the best platform for you to conduct your online business while gaining maximum exposure online.


    Let’s be realistic, your prospects are not clicking past the first page to search for your business.As a business owner, you do not want to risk being buried deep in the search results.


    Search engine optimization plays a direct role in the success of your website.

    As an internet marketing company who focuses on the needs of our customers, we are able to maximize productivity and help our clients achieve their goals.

    Having a system and process in place ensures the highest level of professionalism and quality that delivers results.

    Don't Leave Money on the Table

    1 in 5 People use BING

    Yahoo and Bing have the same data set, so there is not a lot to choose between them. A few people have found very useful results in Bing and stick to it as the default engine. Some people have never changed their default web browser, e.g. Internet Explorer in most countries will show MSN as the default home page and the search on that page leads to Bing. We develop our sites with Bing and Google SEO strategies in mind and shoot for both to get page one ranking results.

    What is a Marketing Funnel

    How SEO and Funnel Marketing Work

    The Marketing Funnel helps explain the process of moving a prospective purchaser of your products or services through the different stages of the buying cycle, ultimately to become a client! ... Bottom of the funnel (Opportunities and Customers) – is all about converting leads to customers. Whether this is through organic search results or pay per click type campaigns, having a marketing funnel in mind can be essential to your businesses success.

  • Four SEO Pillars to Remember


    Search engine optimization plays a direct role in the success of your website.


    As an internet marketing company who focuses on the needs of our customers, we are able to maximize productivity and help our clients achieve their goals.


    Having a system and process in place ensures the highest level of professionalism and quality that delivers results.

    We provide monthly updates and reports on the progress of your project.

    Our team of experienced SEO professionals are committed to delivering maximum search engine visibility for your business.

    Rest assured all your ranking, optimization and marketing concerns will be in the best of hands.


    About 90% of the business owners I talk to have a story of paying money to an SEO Service Provider or another type of Internet Marketer and getting little to no results. This is often not just small amounts of money, but vast sums of money that resulted in zero dollars back in their pocket.

    (To be fair, this is not just true for internet marketing. Did you know that Yellow Pages still charges LARGE amounts of money to have an ad in your phone book that will just make you a target of cold calls?)


    I know of multiple businesses who paid thousands of dollars for Search Engine Optimization and didn’t even sniff the first page of the search results. I’ve seen businesses pay a small amount for basically empty services that provide no value — this is very common. I’ve seen people being promoted a whole list of services that actually does stuff, so it seems great on the surface…but it doesn’t result in any extra revenue into their pocket. There are so many ways to waste your money.


    I hate to see this happen to anybody! It can actually take a business down by trapping cash flow that is critical to the business running. It really bothers me to see quality businesses providing a valuable service to their community go down in flames because they were dazzled into buying the latest shiney object that would improve their online product or service or they bought SEO Services from a Prescott SEO Firm who…either isn’t able to take care of them or doesn’t care enough to take care of them.


    I totally understand why most business owners are highly skeptical of so called “Prescott SEO Experts.” You should be skeptical! You are getting calls, emails, snail mailings, texts, faxes, and carrier pigeons every week with different messages saying they have the latest technical solution for marketing your business online. The amount of conflicting messages is staggering. Also, if you are like most business owners or managers, you’ve gotten run over on the information super highway!


    You have a lot to lose…Your business…Your financial future…All your hard work…Down the drain. I understand. And I empathize with your situation. Don’t let it happen to you.

    I’m a complete SEO Geek that wakes up thinking about SEO, goes to sleep thinking about SEO, thinks about SEO when my wife is talking to me…I need to work on that last one.


    (1) What Exactly Is Your Market Searching — AKA Keyword Research

    This step is absolutely critical and needs to be thoroughly explored for all the opportunities available to your business. However, most people performing SEO look up the top 5-10 most searched terms and check this off as done. WRONG! This results in about 90%+ of businesses going after the same 20% of traffic out there. Its not that that traffic isn’t valuable and shouldn’t be targeted. No, its that you want to also target that other 80% of traffic that few, to no businesses are targeted. I’m very good at ferreting out lots of valuable traffic that has low competition.


    What is the point of ranking for something that no one is searching? Well, there’s no point from a business standpoint.

    I see many people that (at first) are ecstatic to get 1st page rankings for things no one is searching. Then, months down the line they do the math and figure out that no new business came through their doors and they think to themselves, “But, but, but I’m on the 1st page of Google!” Well, your SEO Consultant failed to walk you through the 1st and most basic internet marketing exercise.


    Google gives out search data freely. They tell you how many people are searching for…whatever you want. Now, the data they give is far from perfect (they hide the low volume traffic numbers, but that’s well over 50% of the total traffic!), but its a great start. There needs to be some sort of evidence that your market is out there searching for your products or services.


    Tip: Always ask if they’re giving you “Broad Match Searches” or “Exact Match Searches.” Exact match is much more conservative and can help you zero in on precise searches. Broad match search quantity includes searches for anything related to that search phrase. Exact match only gives results for that 1 specific search phrase.


    (2) Is SEO the Best Fit for Your Company?

    Once you’ve found what your market is searching, its time to do some math. Wahoo! Math! I know, I know, you LOVE math. Well, at least you love the kind of math that prevents you from losing money and brings in more profit to your business! Any SEO Consultant worth his or her salt should help you make this evaluation.


    Take a look at 3 different numbers to see if you should pursue Search Engine Optimization:

    1. Average Customer Value
    2. Approximate Quantity of Search Volume That Is Your Target Market
    3. The Cost of Doing SEO

    At the very least, if you were to rank #1 for all your search phrases, would you make substantially more than the costs of SEO? The answer is not simple, but from the 3 numbers above you can get a decent enough estimate. There are other factors like site conversion rate, lifetime value of a customer, etc, but 1st, do a reality check this way.


    If you’d only make $100 over the next 12 months by ranking #1 for everything, then SEO is probably not worth it for your business!


    However, if the numbers show that if you averaged ranking #3, you estimate making 10x the amount of money it would cost to do SEO, well then you have a winner.


    If you didn’t do step 1 (keyword research), then you cannot make this estimation.

    Being able to make this calculation is why I don’t like Social Media as much as SEO. Social media is unpredictable. Therefore, it is difficult to make even an estimated calculation.


    There are a lot of services like Social Media that provide you with activity, but not measurable progress. This is one of the biggest forms of wasted capital in internet marketing that I see out there. A company sells you on all sorts of extra features that result in no extra business in your pocket.


    You can do this calculation much more accurately with Pay Per Click (PPC). However, PPC is far more expensive than SEO and its costs have been increasing for business owners by as much 50%-150% per year! As low quality SEO providers get the boot from Google’s algorthims, companies flee to PPC. Furthermore, you’re not really building something that has powerful exponential growth built in like SEO.


    Don’t get me wrong — PPC can be great if its profitable for your business. However, would you rather pay less or more for the same traffic?


    SEO provides the best balance between predictability of results and cost. Usually. Contact me to find out.


    (3) What Does Google Think Of Your Site Right Now?

    Do they hate you? Do they know you exist? Do they like you?


    You figure out what Google (and the other search engines) thinks of you by doing a full On Page and Off Page Analysis.


    On Page Analysis consists of 4 major factors:

    • Do your page title have the appropriate keywords in them?
    • Do you have the main keywords or slight variations within your text at least once?
    • Is the linking structure of your site setup properly?
    • How well do people respond to the look and feel and flow of your site?

    That’s not ALL there is to it, but it gives you a good 1,000 ft of where you are. The good news is that this is usually the easiest stuff to fix.


    Off Page Analysis consists of 4 major factors:

    • How many sites are linking to you?
    • What is Google’s opinion of the sites linking to you?
    • How relevant are the sites linking to you?
    • What text do the sites linking to you use to link to you?

    Again, the rabbit hole goes deeper than those 4 factors, but you get the idea. The bad news is that this is very difficult for you to do yourself. Frankly, most SEO experts do a poor to mediocre job of this. And that’s good news for me and my clients.


    (4) Are You Currently Ranking and Getting Traffic?

    If you’ve setup visitor and ranking tracking software (there are many ways to skin this cat), then this is easy and invaluable information to capture.


    At the very least you should have visitor tracking software because it is free and easy and you want a good set of historical data to analyze — which you can’t start capturing until you’ve installed the software.

    With this information you can see what Google already thinks you’re relevant to (if anything). Again, this is wonderful information to have. Start getting it or find an SEO Consultant to help you get it. Now.


    Business Review

    "Strike Force has been great for my website and getting more traffic"

    Donny Karcie, MBA - Prescott Realtor


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